Smart Printers enabled by ConnectKey


Printers with Apps to Enhance your Productivity


Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology is transforming the experience of how people work. It gives them the freedom to solve problems, be more sustainable and productive and take on new challenges.

The features of ConnectKey Technology include:

  • Tablet-like interface: as sleek as using your smartphone.
  • Mobile and Cloud-ready: manage, print, scan and share to and from the cloud.
  • Benchmark Print Security: for comprehensive protection of confidential files.
  • Managed Print Services: optimize your device, manage it remotely and take advantage of built-in tools.
  • Customized Apps: add, delete, swap apps and tools for personal and office use.


The benefits of ConnectKey Technology include:

  • Use of Apps for Tasks with which a bank has cut its invoice processing time by 75%.
  • Streamline of Workflow which aids less time in managing documents.
  • Creation of Electronic Documents such as hospital EMRs.
  • Printing from the Cloud with company staff printing at the office from wherever they are.
  • Managed Print Services: optimization of devices and management from remote locations with built-in tools.
  • Customized Apps: add, delete, and swap app and tools to fit your personal and office needs.


You can shop from a collection of several ConnectKey enabled printers below: