Managed Printing Services (MPS)

xerox mps

Take control of your print activities and reduce your operating costs by up to 30% through central management of your printing devices.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is the efficient management of printing and imaging services and devices such as printers, scanners, copiers and multifunction devices. Leveraging on our years of experience in document management, we developed our own MPS solution called Xerox Print Services (XPS) or Xerox Partner Print Services (XPPS) bearing in mind the uniqueness of each customer and work environment.

The four steps leading to the full deployment of MPS are –

  • Assess
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Manage

Each step is developed and packaged to fit into any work environment in any industry, anywhere in the world. The provision for continuous improvement inherent in our solution is a benefit to the customer.

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Deploying XPS gives your organization the ability to:

Control Access and Improve Security

  • Protect against unauthorized use of printers and MFP’s
  • Choose the authentication method that is best for your print environment: PIN, magnetic/smart card, and/or username/password
  • Improve convenience with the Follow-me feature, which enables users to print their jobs at any printer in your organization—after they authenticate
  • Set rights for individual users, roles and departments to make sure the printers have the maximum economy


Track and Report every Print, Copy and Scan

  • Accurately monitor all print, copy and scan operations
  • Receive reports that detail print usage by individual users, departments or projects
  • Set system to automatically send reports to your e-mail inbox or designated folder
  • Obtain reports in a variety of formats (HTML, XLS, XML, CSV)


Implement a Company-Wide Credit System

  • Account print jobs and related costs by user, group and project
  • Simplify revenue collection with automatic Recharging Stations (especially useful for public institutions such as universities)
  • Increase user convenience with Self-Service Recharging Stations that accept coins and banknotes
  • Audit trail that enables regulatory compliance for all MFD-related processes
  • Full insight into costs for all reprographic services
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