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POWERED BY XEROX Gravic® Remark Office OMR®

Collect Data from Forms, Grade Tests from Respondents and Tabulate Surveys for Insights with Ease

Office OMR is the leading Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) forms-processing software packages for surveys and test. The software recognizes optical marks (bubbles and checkboxes), computer-generated characters (OCR) and barcodes. You can design your own forms using any word processor and print them on your printer. Then use Remark Office OMR to scan and recognize data with your image scanner analyze the data in the software or export the data to the application of your choice! It’s that easy!

Use your own tests, surveys and other plain-paper OMR forms
– Stop buying expensive preprinted OMR forms.

Use an image scanner or multi-function device to scan your forms
– No need for expensive single-use hardware.

Respondents can fill out your forms with a pen, pencils, markers, etc…
– Throw away your #2 pencils.

Advanced test grading reports and options
– Student reports, demographic comparison reports, standards-based achievement, multiple answer keys and more.

Advanced survey reports and statistics
– Survey statistics and item analysis reports, demographic comparisons, advanced auto filtering and reporting and more.

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Remark Office OMR provides a cost-effective solution for educators to quickly and accurately collect data from multiple-choice tests and immediately assess student proficiency based on a multitude of easy-to-create reports. This, in turn, enabling teachers to adjust the curriculum to achieve student mastery.

  • Save time and money by processing surveys and tests on-site.
  • Understand the “Big Picture” by reviewing test statistics using Remark Quick Stats® or exporting data to popular school applications.
  • Boost employee productivity by allowing users to print out and scan forms directly.
  • Speed ROI by leveraging your investment in multifunctional products, no need for single-use scanners or preprinted forms
  • Save money over traditional hardware-based OMR solutions. Works with low-cost forms created in a word processor and printed on your MFP.
  • Discover needed improvements through detailed reports of student and class test performance, and by breaking down the results to see greater granularity.
  • Process many common school surveys (parent surveys, teacher surveys, student surveys), ballots, attendance forms, and more.



  • Easier purchase process than the competition because your XHS Nigeria representative will handle both your hardware and software needs.
  • Faster problem solving with one point of contact for hardware and/or software support – unlike competitive offerings that have separate contacts for hardware and software support.
  • Leverage existing Xerox equipment to print and scan the forms. Works with other partner applications that Xerox offers.
  • Xerox colour capability allows for the printing of high-quality colour reports.
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