The Identity Management Scanner Challenge
For offices serving the public – government, financial services, travel, healthcare – confirming and documenting the identity of the customer is becoming more important than ever. Departmental scanners do a great job with incoming paper forms, but handling passports or other small delicate identity documents create a scanner headache. Adding a flatbed scanner takes extra space and expense and can’t handle a heavy paper document workload.

An All-In-One Passport Solution
The Xerox Passport Scanner Accessory adds simple, one-touch passport scanning to any Xerox DocuMate 6400 series departmental scanner. The passport accessory sits underneath the desktop scanner and shares its power supply, saving space and AC power plugs. The Passport Scanner Accessory can handle documents up to 5.83 x 8.27 inches (A5), capturing 2 passport pages at once as well as ID cards, photos, and other small documents.

Secure and Time-Saving
With an all-in-one document and passport scanning solution, your client’s passport is scanned while they watch – no need to walk away to a shared scanner or MFP. The entire transaction, from paper to passport, can be handled in one session, saving transaction time and improving customer satisfaction. Since the Passport Scanner Accessory uses a direct USB PC connection, the identity’s “chain of custody” is secure, an important requirement in many institutions where cloud capture is unacceptable.

One Touch and More
The Passport Scanner Accessory includes Visioneer’s OneTouch with Acuity software. Passport scanning is done with the push of one button. A 2-page passport scan is complete in under 2 seconds @ 300 dpi. This image enhancement software can also increase the resolution up to 1200 dpi – important for passport image quality. OneTouch allows users to configure multi-step workflows to get the scan to its destination with in the right scan setting and file format. What’s more, Visioneer’s proprietary DriverPLUS (TWAIN or WIA) treats the 6400 series scanner and the passport accessory as one scanner and offers extreme flexibility in scan settings through a simple user interface. No more arcane Windows driver screens.

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Care & Maintenance:

To keep any scanner operating properly, certain maintenance should be performed at different stages in the life of the product. Our Customer Service Department is here to help if you have questions. If you know already know what you are looking for, you can find the parts, accessories, and replacement DVDs right here.