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Just-in-Time printing solutions for business owners, commercial printers and organizations, in the private and public sector

The Digital press is a business unit of XHS Nigeria Limited, established to provide Print-on-Demand/Just-in-Time printing solutions to corporate organizations, government and non – governmental organizations in Nigeria. Digital technologies have revolutionized all businesses and created a customer expectation of fast turnaround in virtually every aspect of life, including printing.  Xerox digital printing technology has re-engineered the printing processes to a very short print-cycle to add value to your prints and control the hidden costs in the document life cycle.

Our digital document production which leverages the power of digital technology enables us to produce high-quality documents directly from electronic data without film and plates as obtainable in offset and direct imaging technology.

Thus electronic document files composed from software applications scanned hard copy originals, or both gives us greater flexibility and significant advantages throughout the process of printing and re-printing. This new production paradigm has been labelled “print-on-demand” and it is the revolution behind our Xerox digital press that we have brought to your doorstep.

Our array of digital print solutions allows us to take a consultative approach to your printing needs. From our benchmark-setting Docutech Production Publisher and Docucolour (full colour) Digital Press to our outstanding front – end servers and Free Flow document production and management suite, to our unmatched Automated CP Bourg & Horizon finishing systems, we are confident that we are equipped with the tools and the expertise to consult, devise and implement print – solutions that are right for you.

Our digital printing process offers the most competitive prices on short-run full colour and black & white printing in a secured, professional, and customer-friendly environment.

Our services include, but not limited to, digital pre-press; variable data printing in form of Bills, Vouchers, Invoices, Account Statement, Dividend Warrant, Insurance Premium, Pension contribution advice & OMR Forms; Publications such as Books, Newsletters, Brochures, Corporate Annual Reports, Magazines, Student Course Packs, Fliers, Calendars with Personalized Options, Paper Bags, Large Formats, Presentation Folders, ID Cards, Posters, Diary, Branded Notepads & Jotters, Wedding Cars, Shoe Box, Business Cards, Files, Bill Forms, Bulletins, Branded Envelopes and Labels.

Our digital printing presses have the combined capacity to produce up to 500,000 pages per day which enable us to meet any of your costly print deadlines all the time. Our customers can submit their print jobs to us online through our Free Flow Web view & submission server, a service that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our clientele includes the major players in the Banking & Finance, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Education, Consultancy, Manufacturing, Government, NGOs and Diplomatic Corps. We invite you to have a tour of our ultra-modern press facilities to enable you to consider Xerox Digital Press as your preferred Print service provider.

Do you have a complaint about our Digital Press Services? Send us a message and we will respond within 24 hours.
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